My Story

Designing products is something I'm very passionate about. And because I’ve been making things on a sewing machine myself from an early age, choosing the sewing machine as my preferred tool seemed only logical. I always design and make bags I would like to have myself. A leather bag is quite an investment, so it has to be perfect. For me perfect is stylish, minimal, modern and functional. Sometimes with a little twist, unique and of course of a high quality so it will last a lifetime.

How it all began

At the beginning of 2016 I was looking for a new leather bag. But the thing was, I just couldn’t find that perfect bag. So I made one myself. It was from that moment I fell in love with leather and the bag making process. Lots of friends and family started showing interest and enquiring for purchase, so I decided to take the plunge. I bought a machine specifically for sewing leather, opened an online store and put my products out there to the world.


My collection consists of casual chic essentials for everyday use that will last through years and trends. They are perfect for those who find beauty in simplicity.

Make it Personal

I think every woman should own a dream bag. One that she absolutely loves and is truly unique. That's why I offer made-to-order bags. Fully customised to suit your needs. Design your own bag by selecting the model and choosing the leather and lining. Make it even more personal by having your name or initials embossed on the inside of the bag. Allowing you to make your mark and personalise your new luxury item.

Shop & Design Studio

My leather bags are proudly made in my design studio and shop in Voorburg, the Netherlands. I design and craft my bags with a lot of attention and care, with a strong focus on materials, quality, style and functionality. Would you like to see an item first? Feel free to come by!


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