All Janette van Tol products have a six months guarantee. Prior to shipping, items are carefully crafted and inspected. Did you find a production error? Of course we will fix this for free. We will also take care of the shipping costs. Just send us an email with pictures and we will inform you what to do next.

Each individual product is unique. Please take into account that leather can contain small imperfections, as they are part of its beauty. It’s also normal that leather slightly changes color over time due to sunlight and rain. We can't change this.

Is your bag or accessory damaged?

If for some reason your bag or accessory gets damaged in the future, it is possible to send it back to us so we can fix it. If you send an email with pictures to we can give you an estimate of the costs. Please note that these shipping charges are non-refundable.

Defect or wrong item?

Prior to shipping, ordered item(s) are carefully crafted and inspected. If we sent you the wrong item or your item displays a defect as a result of a manufacturing error or is damaged during shipping, please let us know within 14 days from receiving the item via We will refund the costs of returning the item(s) and send you the new and correct item(s) as soon as possible, if stock is available.


We believe our bags are getting more beautiful by aging and wearing and noticed some of you are getting more and more attached to a bag.
That’s why we came up with our so-called patch-up service. The beautiful worn leather stays, but your bag gets a new zipper and fresh new cotton inner lining.
Perfect for bags with a broken zipper, spilled coffee or pen marks inside. If you would like to use this service, please send an email to
The costs for the patch-up service are 45,00 euros, excluding shipping. Patch-up service takes up to 4-6 weeks after we received the bag.


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